Threat Research

Eclypsium solutions are driven by years of experience and ongoing cutting-edge research into the foundations of computing systems and threats that target them.

By deeply understanding attacks against firmware and hardware, we are able to develop mechanisms that enable detection, protection, and response. Our team also provides hands-on training in firmware security for teams looking to build their knowledge and skills.

The Eclypsium team regularly publishes detailed analyses of our findings and research. Visit the research section of our blog for in-depth walkthroughs of all our research.


Threat research, insights and advice on firmware and hardware security from the research team at Eclypsium.

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The Eclypsium team founded and continues to maintain the CHIPSEC Framework for Platform Security Assessment, the industry’s leading open-source project for hardware security assessment. Widely adopted by industry leaders, CHIPSEC has become the de facto open-source standard for checking the firmware and hardware level, and we continue to support the project today.

Eclypsium provides training for organizations on firmware security and threat prevention. This training is targeted for individuals and teams in IT security, infrastructure, SOC, PSIRT, CSIRT, forensics, red teams, and penetration testing. These one- or two-day sessions will teach trainees about security at the hardware and firmware levels, understanding attacks against system firmware and how to mitigate them, and how to identify vulnerabilities and perform basic forensics on different firmware components.